Day Hikes in Trashigang Valley

Day Hikes in Trashigang Valley

Radhi & Phongmey Village.
The Radhi & Phongmey village is located about 24kms away from the Trashigang town. Drive to this villages and you will see the interesting sceneries and superb view of Tashigang dzong, which majestically overshadows the Gamrichhu.

These valleys produce excellent rice. The farm houses are scattered among the paddy fields and surrounded with orange and banana trees. You will also see the folk of village girls weaving the superb raw silk fabric, especially in the winter. The Radhi village is famous for the raw silk fabric or textile in Bhutan.

Bartsham & Bidung village.
There is a farm road to Bartsham & Bidung village. The drive will ate about 2hours. The drive to these villages will give us the beautiful views of the villages, farmhouses adorn with the paddy fields. We will visit Bartsham Chador lhakhang and Bidung lhakhang. Lunch will be arranged at Bidung-one of the farmer

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